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Yoinked from the incredibly awesome kubo

The first five people to comment in this post get to request a SIMPLE sketch of a character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their drawing ability level.

I must stress, simple. Watching the Dark Knight with Jess atm, and might get to some quick ones now if I get any hits!

1. Sasho - ?
2. Karen - something retarded
3. Lauren - Alex+Final rednecks
4. Mel - Likeshine
5. Maegan - ?
6. Audrey - Baboon
Red Eye - Courtship

.. Christmas Cards ...

Last call for Christmas Cards and art-age. Doing something a little different than just a card drawing this year.

Here's who I have:

-SophieCabra/Spain (and RaspberryRoo)
-Leona Preston
-Sapphire/Shannon (and Claude)
-Magical HATz

If you're not on the list, I don't have you and would love your address to send you a card as well. Just comment with your address (comments are screened). This is really just for good friends, but I'm happy to send to anyone. While returning with a card is not a requirement, it is a nice gesture. I'm not the type to post up a holiday wish-list, it seems too needy to me, but I love cards and keep them all!

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That time of the year again!

I already bought the greeting cards, and already started some of your arts, but am still in need of mailing addresses!

If you would like to receive a greeting card, and possibly some small artings/goodies, just respond with your mailing address (comments are filtered). Or, if you're overly cautious just e-mail me the information! I do not have anyone's addresses saved, so I have to start from scratch. And to those of you I promised little goodies to that I was going to chuck, I still have them, just keep forgetting to mail them, so they will be sent with the greeting cards!

I know that there's a holiday wish list meme thing running around, but I'm not joining in. When I say I don't want anything, I mean it :) But I do enjoy greeting cards! I keep those sent to me every year.

Edit: Fixed the screen error
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Simpsons - Stab Orlando


Wee bit of an art update. Nothing substantial, all digital work or pre-scanned. Gotta to a scanned-art update.

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Give me some random things to draw/paint. I want to start doing this regularly, I'm so stagnant, stuck in one subject/thought because of money. Despite my que, I NEED some 'me' art time. I don't even sketch anymore, hence my lack of sketchbook updates. When I do, I feel like a cheat knowing I owe someone art. But I try not to take money in advance so it's a LITTLE less weight on my mind.

Anywho, anything goes! It can be a random description of something, something with a photo to reference, ANYTHING. Just no porn. Photos (even of you!), creatures, landscapes, just give me a barrage of random ideas :> Preferably nothing anthro/furry, because I do that enough (non-anthro creatures or real animals are welcome). No promises that I'll get to everything, of course, but I'll try!

Thanks guys!

PS: SO LIEK HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS WEBSITE IS UP AND COMMERCIALS ARE ON. There is going to be a scare zone for Victorian London. And the Body Collectors are back. It's one of the only haunted houses that scared me in the past ;; I was all excited coz they played nothing but Jack the Ripper films in the que, then I went inside and these monster men in suits chased me everywhere. It terrified me. And I loved it.
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.. JUNK ..

Hey guys!

I was sorting through the last of the junk from my apartment (have to officially be out in a few days, although I've been at my parent's since the robbery due to lack of security there). I've found a few things I didn't know if anyone was interested in, just tiny things. I'm just asking a dollar for shipping/postage if you have it, that's all. Figured I'd see if anyone wanted it before I just chucked it.

Three Pokemon dog tags: Raichu, Jolteon, Meowth. Raichu is in perfect condition, Jolteon isa little yellowed, and Meowth is yellowed, but all have only one or two minor scratches.

Fruits Basket charm of the rat, in rat form. Was a gift and I wore him on a necklace once or twice.

Pokemon ring, Meowth. Metal, was worn on a necklace ages ago.

Lord of the Rings ring. Nothing fancy, not expensive metal, but still in fine condition with the wording on it, etc. Also worn on a necklace.

Nala pin from Walt Disney World. Has no back-lock for the pin, but is otherwise in perfect condition.

I also found a RENT dog tag from when I saw it with Karen and Co. and a Batman ring from yeaaars ago. Haven't decided if I'm getting rid of these yet, though.

Just keeping this up for a day or two. Like I said, no love lost with this stuff, it's just trash, but I thought I'd ask you guys. If you're interested, just comment with a mailing address. If you're able to chip a buck for postage that's great ( is Paypal), if not no big!
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Jack the Ripper - Lurking


"You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain"

To say that Jess and I are excited about this film would be a vast understatement. Yes, I will be basking in the glory that is England all next week, but in the back of my mind will be a count-down. Finally a chance to see the Joker and Harvey Dent done some justice.

Back from AC. Made okay money, clearing about $350, what I aimed to atleast. Happy to be back in the land of palm trees and see my wiener for a few days, but the weather was nice, the city is gorgeous, and most of all, I miss Karen, Shannon, and Claude so, so very much :< Took everything in my power not to shove Karen in my luggage at the airport. I would love, love to visit them all in NYC this December, which is what I'm aiming for, work and finances permitting.
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